Whole Foods Hires A Veggie Butcher, Among Other Fancy Additions

From asparagus water to gentrified versions of chopped cheese sandwiches, Whole Foods sure has sold its fair share of eyebrow-raising products. The latest is a new produce butcher that will be on-hand to clean, trim, and custom-cut vegetables and fruit for any frou-frou platters or crudités.

For now, this unusual service is only available at the Bryant Park Whole Foods location in New York City, but, if successful, it could spread to other Whole Foods locations.

The produce butcher has caught the attention of skeptical shoppers who are used to their butchers dealing in, well, actual meat rather than cutting up greens:

That's not the only addition to the Bryant Park Whole Foods: The store also will be selling fresh tahini, lobster rolls, wine and beer on tap, and Detroit-style deep-dish pizza.