Japan’s Dominique Ansel Bakery is Serving Corn Ice Cream on Grilled Corn

Move over, Cronut, the Corn-ception is the dessert of 2016

Dominique Ansel's Creme de la Corn dessert is sweet corn and caramel ice cream served on an ear of soy sauce-braised grilled corn. 

Dominique Ansel’s latest line-provoking dessert fusion is an inception of cold corn served on hot corn over at Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan, and it looks pretty amazing.

According to Rocket News 24, the new dessert is not actually called the Corn-ception. It is the Crème de la Corn ice cream “cone” made of soft-serve sweet corn ice cream served on a grilled ear of corn with the husk all peeled back to create a convenient handle.

Ansel’s sweet corn ice cream is made with the kernels of sweet corn, and also the hard core of the cob, which is ground up and added to the ice cream to make it taste even more corny. There’s also caramel in the recipe to make it even more rich and more like a sweet caramel corn ice cream, topped with sweet corn jam, and swirled on top of the grilled corn. The corn cobs are braised in soy sauce and butter and then grilled to order for each customer.


The sweet corn ice cream on a grilled corn cob cone is available at Dominique Ansel bakery in Japan until some time in September.