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Beer Claims Title of America’s ‘Go-to’ Alcoholic Beverage, With Wine Coming in a Close Second

Beer is particularly popular among men, but wine won out among women

Ramon L. Farinos / Shutterstock

Of the preferred craft beer-drinkers, 73 percent considered themselves health-conscious.

America has spoken. Among adults 21 years and older in the United States, beer is the preferred alcoholic drink, according to a survey by The Harris Poll conducted in January.

The Harris Poll surveyed 2,148 people and found that nearly four in 10 of Americans who drink several times a year or more prefer beer as their beverage of choice, Beverage Daily reported.

In a close second was wine, which 31 percent of American adults chose as their “go-to” drink; 28 percent preferred spirits and liquor.

“While many consumers will increasingly drink across all three major adult beverage categories [beer, wine, liquors/spirits], they still have their preferred drink type,” Danny Brager, senior vice president of Nielsen’s beverage alcoholic practice, told Beverage Daily.

For those who chose beer as their preferred drink, 38 percent preferred domestic, non-craft beer; 28 percent preferred craft beer; and 23 percent preferred imported beer.

Beer ranked particularly high among men ages 23 through 34, especially in the South. However, wine ranked as the top drink of choice among women; 46 percent of women chose wine over both beer and spirits/liquor.


Of the respondents who preferred wine, 42 percent were over the age of 65 and living in high-income households; 38 percent favored red; 32 favored white; and 19 percent preferred rosé or blush.