The Best Family Restaurants in America

The Best Family Restaurants in America

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The Best Family Restaurants in America

These 75 restaurants are affordable and have something on the menu to satisfy everyone — great for a family night out.

Dining out with the whole family can be an ordeal. Between finding a place that has something on the menu to satisfy every palate and making sure it’s affordable as well, it can be tough to figure out where to go. If you have younger patrons among your party, a fancy restaurant will be difficult to do, so it’s important to figure out a dining option that will both be tolerable to the kids and will tolerate kids without being full of screaming, disruptive guests. However, going out for a family dinner can be a great time to bond, which is why we set out to determine the best family restaurants in America.                                     

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Our list consists of 75 restaurants that have something for every member of the family, from kids to grandparents. We’ve made sure they’re not too expensive with a wide selection of food for every taste. A good family restaurant isn’t too kid-oriented (although children are decidedly most welcome), yet has an upbeat and fun atmosphere. Having a unique and varied children’s menu doesn’t hurt, although some of the spots on here have such kid-friendly options on their regular menus that they don’t need one.

Big cities are your best bet, of course. New York City leads the list, with 10 of the options on this list having locations in Manhattan and four of them in Brooklyn. California also has a total of 14 restaurants featured here, six of which have locations in Los Angeles and three in San Diego. Austin and San Antonio are each home to locations of four of these restaurants, and Texas as a whole is home to nine of these restaurants (which isn’t surprising, considering Texans eat out nearly six days a week.) However, we’ve found great spots all over the country, so to find a good place to eat out with your loved ones near home or while visiting another city, check out our list of the best family restaurants in America.


This list was compiled and contributed to by The Daily Meal senior editor Dan Myers – author of 101 Best Pizzas in America – and written by The Daily Meal travel editor Syjil Ashraf.