Casa Bonita, Denver from The 10 Most Bizarre Restaurants in the World (Slideshow)

The 10 Most Bizarre Restaurants in the World (Slideshow)

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Casa Bonita, Denver

With a jungle interior that gives The Rainforest Cafe a run for its money, Casa Bonita has been a dining institution for over 40 years. The location was once a large retail store, and the restaurant made the most of the 52,000 square feet of space by creating tables and seating for over 1,000 people at a time. In addition to the 30-foot-tall waterfall focal point (complese with cliff divers), the eatery also features strolling mariachis, flame jugglers, a puppet theater, a magic theater, a “haunted tunnel,” and an arcade.

At one time there were four Casa Bonita locations around America (including Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, and Little Rock), but the Colorado location is the only one remaining, and it was named a historic landmark of the city in 2015. No surprise, considering the notoriety of the restaurant, especially after being cited as the favorite restaurant of Eric Cartman on South Park, which featured it in four episodes, including the Season 7 installment actually called “Casa Bonita.”