Teas You've Probably Never Heard Of

Green tea is divine, but it’s not the only brew worth knowing about

Yes, beet–cabbage tea is actually a thing.

If you thought the Arnold Palmer — tea and lemonade — was exciting, get ready for a true tea revolution. Just like coffee, new, and in some cases old, kinds of tea are emerging on the market.

Teas You've Probably Never Heard Of (Slideshow)

Tea has amazing health benefits, so it makes sense that the population is eager to drink it up. All kinds of tea, from green to black and even red, have been used for decades for healing properties and beauty benefits. Tea can improve the appearance of hair and skin; some teas are rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties, too.

And "tea" doesn't always mean tea,(Camellia sinensis). Made from herbs, fruits, or seeds, herbal teas are not only tasty but also healthful. Varieties of herbal teas, including ginger, ginseng, rosehip, and mint, and have been known to aid in weight loss and stress reduction. Chamomile tea is not only calming, but also helps to prevent complications from diabetes. Thought echinacea was something only sold in tablet form? As it turns out, echinacea is an herb that is often brewed into a tea used to fight the common cold. Red tea, or rooibos, is a South African herb that is fermented and brewed into a tea for its cancer-fighting properties and sweet flavor. Above are just a few examples of some unique teas to try, but in reality, the opportunities are endless.


Ready to start brewing? Here are some tea types you may never have known  existed, but that are definitely worth exploring.