How to Prepare Yerba Mate

You can prepare Yerba Mate with or without a bombilla
Yerba Mate

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This drink has many benefits, and it tastes delicious.

First things first: Do you know all of the health benefits that come with drinking yerba mate? If you don’t, we’ve already covered what is it is and what it does for your body. Now that you know the benefits, you need to know where to buy it and how to make it for yourself.

As a quick reminder, yerba mate is a tea made from the dried leaves of llex paraguariensis. This is an evergreen shrub in the holly family, which grows in both Central and South America.

Preparing traditional yerba mate requires a mate cup (a hollow, bowl-shaped cup made from metal, ceramic, or wood), and a bombilla (a special a metal straw). These aren’t the most common kitchen tools, and because of this, many people feel unable to prepare yerba mate. We’re here to let you know that there’s a simpler way to make it.

To make your own “easy” yerba mate, all you need is water, yerba mate, (bought just as you’d buy tea), and a French press.


Place the yerba mate into the bottom of a French press. On the side, bring water to a simmer. Finally, pour the water into the French press and brew it for five minutes. Tada! It’s as simple as that. Click here for the full yerba mate recipe.