Arnold Palmer, Watermelon, and Other AriZona Beverages Get a Caffeine-Packed Punch

AriZona is adding natural caffeine to Arnold Palmer, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and Mucho Mango drinks

The energy drinks come in Arnold Palmer, Watermelon, Mucho Mango, and Fruit Punch.

AriZona Beverages is taking some of their most popular flavored drinks and adding natural caffeine to them in order to create a new line of energy drinks, according to a press release.

The beverage company known for their big cans of iced teas and fruity flavors is adding caffeine to their Arnold Palmer, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and Mucho Mango drinks. The energy drinks will contain 120 milligrams of natural caffeine, sourced from guarana, green and white tea, and green coffee extract.

AriZona is not new to the energy drink game. Their Caution Energy Drink contains a performance blend of several ingredients, including taurine, caffeine, ginseng, and gaurana. These four ingredients are often found in most energy drinks.


These new energy drinks will also contain coconut water, vitamins, superfruits, resveratrol, and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) to add a component of performance-enhancing benefits. The drinks are naturally sweetened and do not have artificial flavors or colors and contain 140 calories per can.