5 Types of Tea to Try for Better Health

Sip on these teas and improve your health


Here are some teas worth trying.

Whether it is weight loss, curing a cold, settling your stomach, or waking you up, there’s bound to be a tea that will help you better yourself and improve your health.

Though most tea types will assist multiple parts of the body, each excels in a specific area more than another. For example, some teas are higher in antioxidants, making them better to detox with than others. On the other hand, some teas speed up your metabolism faster than others can, making them better for weight loss.

Read on for five teas that will help your body.

Boost Your Mood: Turmeric Tea

Turmeric has been shown to improve depression. It can influence dopamine and neurotransmitters serotonin, both responsible for raising your spirits.

Put You to Sleep: Peppermint Tea      

Often used in “sleepy tea” or holiday blends, peppermint is a natural source of menthol. Menthol acts as a muscle relaxant, and helps keep the body calm so you can sleep better through the night. It can also provide stress relief.

Settle Your Stomach: Basil Tea

Basil tea has always been a popular remedy in Ayurvedic medicine. Basil helps to alleviate abdominal gas, an upset stomach, and stomach pain.

Slim Down: Oolong Tea

Oolong tea contains both caffeine and theophylline — two components that work marvelously together for weight loss. When they work as a team, they boost your metabolism and quickly burn fat.

Waking Up: Green Tea


One tea bag of Lipton Green Tea contains 35 mg of caffeine. If you’re thinking about weaning off of coffee, switching to tea is a great way to do that.