10 Ways To Wean Yourself Off Carbs, Caffeine, And More

Your new healthy lifestyle calls for a clean diet. In the past, your cravings have prevented you from maintaining a healthy diet and your plan to become healthier instantly backfired. Instead of digging yourself in a hole and fighting your cravings until you give in, there are ways you can create healthy habits to support your goals.

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This time, you will not fail. Your cravings will not take over your body and you will find strength and determination through the healthy foods that you eat and the ways you take care of your body. Although cravings can easily be satisfied by eating the food that you want, in the long run, you will only encourage more cravings. Slowly start to eliminate the foods that you know you overeat and increase the satisfying and delicious whole foods that give you energy and make you feel healthy.

We spoke with Mary Finckenor, a registered dietitian with the Chambers Center for Wellbeing in Morristown, New Jersey, about painless, realistic ways to wean yourself off the foods and drinks that are not supporting your healthy life.

Beware of Vegetables Made Unhealthy

Vegetables are one of the most important parts of a healthy diet but not if they are deep-fried or covered in salt. "A large order of fries from any fast food place will run you about 500 calories, that's the same amount of calories in a potato that weighs in at 18 ounces – over one pound," Finckenor says. "Most people could polish off the fries, but with the potato, they'd probably get full before they could eat the whole thing." If you must have potatoes, eat them boiled, steamed, or mashed – or, better yet, substitute regular potatoes with sweet potatoes or squash.

Clean Out Your Pantry

Leaving tempting foods in your refrigerator and pantry will only set you up for failure. "Keep any sweet processed foods and sweetened beverages out of your house," Finckenor says.  "If you absolutely must keep those foods in your house for other people, have them put it in a hiding place you don't know about."