What Real Chefs Pack Their Kids for Lunch

Staff Writer
Kids can be the toughest critics, and the bar is set even higher for parents who are chefs

This time of year, parents everywhere are scouring the internet for ideas on how to make their kids’ school lunches just right. Gone are the days when a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple would do. No, we now live in a world where only the very unique and uber-healthy lunches pass the test — extra brownie points and gold stars if you manage to stuff it all into a Pottery Barn Kids Bento Box.  

  Getting out the door on a busy morning is hard enough, and making a lunch your kids will like can be near impossible. But if you’re a professional chef, the bar is set a bit higher for your kids’ lunches. After all, your job is to feed people good food… your kids included.

When it comes to kid lunches, it can be hard for chef-parents to curb their fine-tuned culinary skills to satisfy picky palates, not to mention fitting it all into themed lunch boxes and thermoses.

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We asked real chefs across the country what they pack their kids for lunch. Step away from the Pinterest boards, and get ready to be inspired.