Top Rated Empanada Recipes

Delicious, indulgent, perfect appetizers for any post holiday party!
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Easy Peasy Banana Empanadas
For me, dinner isn't over until I've had something sweet. Dessert is not an option, but a requirement. Combine that desire with a super-easy recipe and I'm a happy man! If you're human (and not allergic to any of the ingredients), you're going to like these!
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Do not let these small hand-held empanadas fool you. They will require some work. But their rich flavor will be well worth the wait. Courtesy of The Culinary Institute of America for
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Empanadas are traced back to the northwest region of Spain, but what is fascinating about this delicious snack is that every region has their own rendition that came about centuries ago — Italy, France, Argentina, Chile, Mexico. The actual word empanada comes from the Spanish verb empañar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread using meat and cheese. In Latin America, empanadas are considered to be a very classic comfort food and the flavors, spices andvary depending on where you travel. This recipe is courtesy of Chef Anthony Lamas executive chef of Seviche.
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Ground Beef Empanadas
This is a super simple empanada recipe that is perfect for busy weeknights.
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Pumpkin Empanadas
You really can’t go wrong with stuffing fresh, fall pumpkin into a crisped pastry shell, which is probably why people in the Southwest are likely to serve pumpkin empanadas at their Thanksgiving feast.
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Turn extra pizza dough into something more south-of-the-border. Baking (instead of frying) cuts calories and fat — and doesn't take too much extra time. This flaky and flavorful treat spends only 10 minutes in the oven.
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