Healthy Swaps To Make At Any Barbecue

Barbecues are one of the best parts of the summer. There's nothing better than being outdoors, enjoying good food and even better company. But barbecues don't come without their challenges: You may be trying to eat healthy, but when faced with the glorious array of options at a barbecue, it's so easy to cave. The meat! The chips! The sundaes! Suddenly, you're sucked into a whirlwind of greasy and oh-so-satisfying foods that may not align with your health goals and leave you feeling sluggish.

Of course, you should always eat what you want, and if a juicy grilled burger is just what you're craving, we say go for it! But if you're looking for a few healthy alternatives, we've rounded up some easy ways to slim down your summer cookout without sacrificing taste.

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Can't get enough of Mom's favorite macaroni salad? Skip the carbs and swap in some zesty zoodles. Love your barbecued hot dogs? Don't sweat it; a chicken sausage with lean protein and tasty spices will totally make up for it. And dessert? You won't even miss those heavy dishes when you try our fruity ice pops.

So go ahead and barbecue, resting assured that you'll be able to stay on track with your health goals. You'll feel your best, because these swaps all contain better-for-you ingredients that will help you shine inside and out.

Lauren Gordon contributed to this round-up.