Healthy Barbecue Swaps to Consider

Your summer cookout doesn’t have to be a total calorie fest!
BBQ This, Not That

Healthy BBQ Swaps You’ll Love Don’t forget to stay healthy while you’re enjoying the summer fun!

Barbecues are not for the weak-willed. You may think you care about your bikini body or avoiding a “dad bod,” but when faced with the glorious array of options at a barbecue, it’s so easy to cave. The meat! The chips! The sundaes! Suddenly, you’re sucked into a whirlwind of greasy and oh-so-satisfying foods that leave you feeling sad and sluggish.

Healthy Barbecue Swaps to Consider

If you want to make guests feel satisfied and full without clogging their arteries, fear not: there are easy ways to slim down your summer cookout without sacrificing taste. Cannot get enough of Mom’s favorite macaroni salad? Skip the carbs and swap in some zesty zoodles. Love your barbecued hot dogs? Don’t sweat it; a chicken sausage with lean protein and tasty spices will totally make up for it. And dessert? You won’t even miss it when you try out healthy ice pops.

So go ahead and barbecue, resting assured that you’ll be able to fearlessly strut your stuff on the beach the next morning. Not only will you look great, you’ll feel even better, because these sweet swaps all contain better-for-you ingredients that will help you shine inside and out. Go ahead and keep your greasy beef burgers and your sugar coma-inducing summer pies. We’ll stick with the stuff that satisfies and slims.

Instead of Chips...

Lay out an impressive vegetable tray arrangement. Some added benefits: your guests will not only avoid overeating before their barbecued feast, and their greasy fingers won’t ruin your patio furniture.

Instead of Caloric Cocktails...

OK, who are we kidding? Cocktails and summer spritzers make a barbecue extra delicious. Just avoid the ones with tons of sugar and go for a classic cocktail like a refreshing gin and tonic

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