The Best Fried Foods to Serve at Your Super Bowl Party

Make sure you have plenty of ketchup, marinara, and ranch on hand because some serious dipping action is coming your way

Mario’s Big Game Wings 

Go to any sports bar and what will you find on the menu? Greasy, heart-clogging, stupidly delicious fried foods.

Fried food and sports, especially football, are perfect complements; they make the experience of both exponentially better. What would a huge pile of wings be without football? More importantly, what is football without the wings?

To help all Americans eat their weight in fried goodness, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best, not-to-be-missed fried treats to serve during the Super Bowl LI.  Make sure you’re well-stocked with ketchup, ranch dressing, and marinara sauce because some serious dipping action is coming your way.

But before you start playing with hot and dangerous oil, read our guide to “Deep-Frying the Safest and Healthiest Way Possible.” Hot oil is just that: hot. Always be sure you are careful, clean, and mindful of the frying temperature. The best way to do this is to use a thermometer!


Check out this list of the 11 best fried Super Bowl eats to serve up at your game-day party.