14 Amazing Wing Recipes for Tailgate Time

Put wings on your menu and check out these super-delicious recipes perfect for tailgating season

Are you ready for tailgate season?

It may seem like pure blasphemy, but until the mid-’60s, chicken wings were the undesirable parts of the chicken and usually only relegated to either the stock pot or the trash.

But thank the heavens for the good city of Buffalo, New York, for putting wings on the map and on the menu in 1964. The first plate of wings served in the way we know and love today was created at the Anchor Bar restaurant in Buffalo (although some people credit John Young, a restaurant owner in the area, for serving up fried wings first).   

As you prepare for tailgating season, keep in mind that traditionally, the best wings comprise four key characteristics: bone-in; deep-fried plain (no breading or marinades); tossed in a hot sauce; and served with a cooling side of blue cheese sauce and an accouterment combo of celery and carrots.

But deep-frying while tailgating in a parking lot for the big game is maybe not the best idea. (Let’s keep that activity indoors in a controlled environment far away from all the boozing.) Lucky for you, this collection of wing recipes has options to not only fry the wings, but also grill, slow-cook, and bake them to suit your location, time frame, and preference; the only important thing is that you serve up some big-time flavor.

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In addition to the traditional recipe for Buffalo wings, this roundup includes a few bad-ass flavor combos and techniques that may surprise you.