20 Cool Ways to Use Your Instant Pot for Summer

The Instant Pot will have you experimenting with all kinds of foods you would never think to cook in a slow cooker

The Instant Pot is more than just a pressure cooker; you can use it to sauté vegetables, sear meat, cook pasta — the possibilities are endless. The old-school slow-cooker has had a serious makeover. The Instant Pot is easier to clean, and soon you’ll find yourself using it for everything from granola bars to layered dips! There’s nothing like a collection of classic recipes to provide inspiration for something new.

For the 20 Cool Ways to Use Your Instant Pot for Your Summer Cookout, click here.

We’ve included a variety of recipes below, including a number of easy dinners which are sure to get your culinary juices flowing and streamline your pantry life. You may be surprised at just how many different dishes you can get out of this one piece of equipment. It’s also a fantastic way to make healthy food fast! So when you’re having one of those nights where you’re looking for something nutritious to put together quickly, this is the perfect appliance for you.

The Instant Pot’s massive functionality and short cooking time is sure to give you the kind of confidence in the kitchen you’ve always dreamt of. Once you’ve thrown everything in the pot you can possibly imagine to create a wonderfully fragrant dinner, you are completely free to go to the gym, go for an evening stroll, or just chill out until it’s done cooking. While most of these recipes do require a bit of prep time — you often need to sear the meats and chop up your vegetables — ultimately it’s totally worth it to walk in your door and have your dinner waiting for you.


You know you want to spend the rest of your summer outdoors — so make your cooking life easy with some of our diverse flavors below. You’ll love that your food retains all the natural nutrients and juices while giving you the extra time to do the things you love.