Homemade Pizza And Pizza Dough Recipes For Weeknight Dinners

Want to add some flare to your weeknight dinner rotation? Then look no further than a homemade pizza. From choosing a decadent cheese to coating dough with the perfect sauce, making your own pizza is a fun dinner option that your entire family will enjoy. And we've already cut out some of the work for you with our incredible list of delicious homemade pizza recipes. 

Chili Pizza

Combine pizza with one of the most comforting foods around: chili. This recipe for chili pizza is a great weeknight meal that the whole family will love.

For the Chili Pizza recipe, click here.

Mini Naan Pizzas

These mini naan pizzas can be made using any jarred tomato sauce and a number of topping combinations. Head to your favorite grocery store and pick up some fresh or frozen naan to bake as a doughy, crispy crust. 

For the Mini Naan Pizzas recipe, click here.

Pizza Tacos

Tacos are an easy, go-to weeknight dinner that help you navigate your week with a little less stress. And this recipe for pizza tacos gives the tried and true dish a delicious makeover. But whether you prefer your tacos the traditional way or in pizza form, there's no denying that the history of this popular Mexican dish is pretty fascinating

For the Pizza Tacos recipe, click here.

Pizza Popcorn

Oh yes, we said it: pizza popcorn. Melted butter and savory seasonings transform run-of-the-mill popcorn into a gourmet snack in this recipe. But if you'd rather satisfy your sweet tooth, try making white chocolate popcorn — it's an easy dessert that calls for less than five ingredients

For the Pizza Popcorn recipe, click here.

Pizza Bagel

Transform one of the most iconic breakfast foods in America into a pizza with this incredible and creative recipe for pizza bagels. Marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and oregano are spread over a bagel and placed in the toaster oven for a crispy and delicious finish. 

For the Pizza Bagel recipe, click here.

Pizza Fondue

Try serving this incredible fondue at your next party or as an afternoon snack. This recipe for pizza fondue will make you wonder why the dish is one of those vintage recipes no one makes anymore.

For the Pizza Fondue recipe, click here.

Pizza Roll-Up

Using the same principle as a turkey roll-up or pinwheel, these pizza roll-ups ditch the pie crust for a low-carb, whole-wheat tortilla. To make this delicious treat, simply gather the essential ingredients from your pantry and fridge: tortillas, prepared pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and all of your favorite toppings. Toss your ingredients onto the tortilla and bam, you've got healthy-ish pizza. 

For the Pizza Roll-Up recipe, click here.

Philly Pride Pretzel Pizza

This tasty pizza has a flavorful surprise waiting in the crust ... drizzled cheese wiz. With soft pretzels wrapped in dough as the crust, this is one can't-beat dish that makes use of Pennsylvania's favorite snack food

For the Philly Pride Pretzel Pizza recipe, click here.

Flatbread Pizza

The thin and crunchy flatbread on this amazing pizza is a healthy alternative to doughy crust. Toss any number of toppings on for a delicious and filling finish. Just make sure you keep the oven door closed while your pizza cooks — not doing so is one bad cooking habit you need to stop now

For the Flatbread Pizza recipe, click here.

English Muffin Pizza

Although English muffins are typically served alongside perfectly scrambled eggs, who says they can't be used as pizza crust? Not us. We suggest you lightly toast the muffin before putting the entire thing in the oven. This will guarantee that it doesn't get too saturated with the marinara sauce. Top it off with some basil and tomatoes for a delicious finish. 

For the Pizza English Muffin recipe, click here.

Instant Pot Pizza

It seems like a funny thing to make pizza dough in an Instant Pot, but it works like a charm. And while this method makes delicious pie crust, we understand if you'd rather stick with the store-bought stuff. If that's the case, make sure you still put your Instant Pot to use with these amazing recipes

For the Instant Pot Pizza recipe, click here.

Morandi's Grilled Pizza-Style Focaccia

This recipe comes to us from NYC Italian hotspot Morandi — known for its old-world authentic cuisine. The focaccia makes for a nice, light appetizer that pairs well with a number of toppings. And while it may not be the same as heading to your favorite pizza joint and buying a warm pie, this recipe will make you feel like you're dining at a five-star restaurant. 

For the Morandi's Grilled Pizza-Style Focaccia recipe, click here.

Sunny Side Up Breakfast Pizza

Who knew pizza was one of those unexpected ingredients that go great with eggs? This amazing recipe for sunny side up breakfast pizza is the perfect blend of cheese, runny egg, bacon and tomatoes.  

For the Sunny Side Up Breakfast Pizza recipe, click here.

Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough

If you're looking for a nice reminder of grandma's cooking, try this recipe for homemade pizza dough. While it may be easy to head to the store and pick up a pre-made crust, nothing hits the spot quite like a dough you crafted from scratch. 

For the Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough recipe, click here.

BBQ Chicken Flatbread

Next time you're looking for a creative dinner dish to spice up your week, try this barbecue chicken flatbread recipe. Topped with a flavorful barbecue sauce, sauteed red onions and roasted jalapeño peppers, this dish has the ideal sweet and heat combination. And if you run out of the required ingredients, check out this list of cooking substitutions everyone should know about

For the BBQ Chicken Flatbread recipe, click here.

Homemade Spicy Sausage and Ricotta Pizza

If you want to add some flare to your homemade pizza, a great addition is spicy sausage. It gives a nice heat to the mozzarella and sauce. But if you're not sure how to thaw and cook the sausage before adding it to the pizza, this guide to defrosting food has all of the answers

For the Homemade Spicy Sausage and Ricotta Pizza recipe, click here.

Chanterelle Mushroom and Leek Pizza

If you're looking to perfect some of your favorite takeout recipes, making pizza is a great place to start. It's a dish that's relatively easy to make but still leaves room for creativity. Try making this delicious and hearty pizza that's elevated by the use of woodsy chanterelle mushrooms and nutty Gruyère cheese.

For the Chanterelle Mushroom and Leek Pizza recipe, click here.


Egg, Asparagus and Ricotta Pizza

You can elevate just about any dish by adding a perfectly cooked egg to it, and this recipe for egg, asparagus and ricotta pizza is no different. But if cooking an over-easy egg on a pizza seems daunting, here are a few other ways you can whip up the delicious source of protein

For the Egg, Asparagus and Ricotta Pizza recipe, click here.

Four-Onion Pizza with Goat Cheese

If you're a fan of onions, then this is the recipe for you. The blend of goat cheese and four different varieties of onions is an amazing combination that goes well with a smattering of toppings. If you're a new home cook and the task of cooking pizza seems overwhelming, try taking one of these online cooking classes hosted by celebrity chefs

For the Four-Onion Pizza with Goat Cheese recipe, click here.

Potato Pizza with Shallots and Mushrooms

Calling all potato lovers. This recipe for potato pizza with shallots and mushrooms is a mouthwatering dish that you have to add to your weeknight dinner rotation.

For the Potato Pizza with Shallots and Mushrooms recipe, click here.

Roasted Garlic Pizza with Mushrooms and Spinach

Homemade pizza is a great way to experiment with new flavors and tastes. Taking a little help from the store and using pre-made pizza dough leaves time to get creative with the toppings. For this pizza, combine roasted garlic with earthy mushrooms, spinach and fresh cheese for an amazingly savory combo. And if you need some guidance on how to best peel your garlic, restaurant chefs recommend investing in a Microplane or very sharp knife. 

For the Roasted Garlic Pizza with Mushrooms and Spinach recipe, click here.

Beet Pizza with Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese

If you're getting bored of plain old pizza with red sauce and cheese, here's a wild idea ... beet pizza. With puréed beets as the sauce and goat cheese instead of mozzarella, this recipe is a refreshing and delicious change from your typical pie. But if you'd rather just order takeout, make sure you brush up on the answers to these common coronavirus delivery questions.

For the Beet Pizza with Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese recipe, click here.

Avocado Pizza with Caramelized Onions

Instead of tomato sauce, chunks of avocado and gooey melted mozzarella make the base for this easy and delicious pizza. If you want to store the pizza for leftovers, make sure you follow this guide for making your food last longer. You'll want to make sure that avocado doesn't turn brown in the fridge. 

For the Avocado Pizza with Caramelized Onions recipe, click here.

Butternut Squash Pizza

Matching butternut squash with pear and blue cheese is one of those unique food combinations that work great together. It's also an amazing way to use leftover cheese. Make this delicious homemade pizza for dinner tonight. 

For the Butternut Squash Pizza recipe, click here.

Potato Flatbread

This inspired pizza is topped with thinly sliced potatoes, rosemary, onions and a dash of pepper. It's an easy and flavor-packed dish that can be made in less than one hour

For the Potato Flatbread recipe, click here.

Honey-Pear Pizza

To many, there's nothing better than a pizza that is both sweet and savory. And few recipes do that better than this honey-pear pizza, which is packed with perfectly ripe pears, honey, smoked gouda and basil. Adding this recipe to your menu is the perfect way to make dinner at home feel like a restaurant

For the Honey-Pear Pizza recipe, click here.

Prosciutto, Arugula,and Lemon Pizza

While it's not your standard cheese and tomato pie, this dynamic pizza is loaded with prosciutto, arugula and lemon for a flavor-packed dish that's worth trying. This recipe is one unexpected way to make more than just lemons with lemonade

For the Prosciutto, Arugula and Lemon Pizza recipe, click here.

Naan Pizza

Pizza is always delicious, but sometimes it's fun to switch it up a little. This pizza uses premade naan, fragrant spices and sweet and spicy mango chutney for an undeniably amazing combo of flavors. And if you want to test your cooking skills by making the naan homemade, it's an easy and fun recipe to make with your kids.

For the Naan Pizza recipe, click here.

Biscuit Pizza

Biscuits are one of those things Southerners always have on their breakfast table, and who says they can't be incorporated into lunch and dinner too? Flaky biscuits are great for making mini pizzas in a pinch. It gives the final product an appealing and rich sweetness that you have to try. 

For the Individual Biscuit Pizzas recipe, click here.

Grilled Veggie Pizza

If you want a chance to let your seasonal vegetables shine, make this recipe for grilled veggie pizza. Packed with green peppers, zucchini and cheese, this is one amazing dish that's perfect to serve for lunch or dinner. 

For the Grilled Veggie Pizza recipe, click here.

Mushroom Pizza with Gouda, Shallot and Basil

While it may not compare to getting a pizza from one of the best Italian restaurants in America, this recipe for mushroom pizza with Gouda, shallot and basil is nothing to scoff at. The mix of flavors gives the pizza a satisfying and cheesy bite. 

For the Mushroom Pizza with Gouda, Shallot and Basil recipe, click here.

Green Tomato Pizza

Nuggets of crumbly blue cheese pair perfectly with ripe green tomatoes to make for a tangy and tasty pizza. And if you have leftover tomatoes after making this dish, make sure you don't store them in the freezer — tomatoes are one of those foods you should never freeze

For the Green Tomato Pizza recipe, click here.

Portobello Mushroom 'Pizzas'

This hearty and satisfying dish proves that low-carb meals don't have to be unsatisfying. All the familiar flavors of your favorite pizza are assembled atop a meaty portobello mushroom cap — it's so good you won't miss the crust at all. The best part? Mushrooms are one of the best foods for getting extra vitamin D.

For the Portobello Mushroom 'Pizzas' recipe, click here.

Pepperoni Pizza Fries

There are plenty of different ways to make America's favorite food, but have you ever tried pizza fries? That's right, try taking french fries to the next level by smothering them in melted cheese, pizza sauce and pepperoni. 

For the Pepperoni Pizza Fries recipe, click here.

Burrata Pizza

Everyone has a favorite pizza topping, but great pizza truly comes down to only three things: fresh dough, ripe tomatoes and a standout cheese. For this recipe, we are using a decadent burrata. When it's added to pizza, burrata's lightness and flavor give an extra dimension to an already beloved dish. And if you need more ideas for comforting weeknight dinner meals, try out these amazing casserole recipes perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For the Burrata Pizza recipe, click here.

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