What Do Chefs Give Up For Lent?

José Andrés

From JaleoThe Bazaar, and numerous other restaurants in Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles:

"Alcohol... and meat!"

Lidia Bastianich

From FelidiaBecco, and Esca in New York City; Lidia's in Pittsburgh and Kansas City: 

"I am giving up pasta, a big sacrifice for me, and maybe I will give up some pounds as well."

John Besh

From AugustLüke, and six other restaurants in New Orleans; Lüke in San Antonio:

"I'm going vegan and saying a rosary a day throughout Lent, if I'm lucky!"

Daniel Boulud

From DanielBoulud Sud, and 11 other restaurants in New York City, Miami, Palm Beach, Montreal, Toronto, London, Beijing, and Singapore:

"I can't give up coffee — I'd be screwed — so instead I'll go without chocolate. A tough one, but I'll survive."

Jimmy Bradley

From The Red Cat and The Harrison, New York City:

"I'm giving up red meat. Why? Because I crave it."

Andrew Carmellini

From Locanda VerdeThe Dutch, and Sausage Boss, New York City; The Dutch, Miami:

"No Lent for me! Was always against it!"

Lydia Shire

From Scampo and Towne Stove & Spirits, Boston:

"Carbs, because I live by protein (I'm a carnivore and no crisp, succulent piece of roasted fat could stare at me without me biting back!)."

Frank Stitt

From Highlands Bar and GrillBottega, and Chez Fonfon, Birmingham, Ala.:

"Toward the end of the day I really enjoy making a good rum drink for Pardis [Mrs. Stitt] and me. Giving it up will be much more of a sacrifice than giving up chocolate. Do we get a reprieve on Sundays?"

Norman van Aken

From Norman's Restaurant, Grande Lakes Orlando, and Tuyo Restaurant, Miami:

"Nothing one could deem 'sacrificial' comes to mind. Maybe Facebook, though!"