Why You Should Start Planning Thanksgiving Now

And how to do it

Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November every year — that is not breaking news. Yet, it seems like the biggest eating day of the year creeps up on us time after time. One day you’re hanging out on the beach on the Fourth of July — and the next you’re scrambling to get turkey on the table in time for Black Friday shopping.

Why You Should Start Planning Thanksgiving Now

And preparing for Thanksgiving can be stressful. There’s a lot to be done, and it seems like there’s no time to do it. Let’s try to make this year a little different by putting some forethought in one of our favorite American traditions. This is not just another meal, after all.

Planning your Thanksgiving dinner in advance can help you to feel confident and calm in the kitchen. A host’s demeanor has the power to set the tone of the party; guests will notice the behavior and actions of the host and respond to the tension — or lack thereof. A sweaty, harried host fretting over the meal is something everyone would like to avoid.

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We've laid out a list of easy Thanksgiving tips that will help you ward off stress and stay organized. All it takes is a little planning. Don’t let Thanksgiving sneak up on you again this year. Instead, check out these tips and start planning your Thanksgiving now.