13 Wine Experts Choose Perfect Bottles for Your Thanksgiving Table

The varied flavors of the typical holiday feast are a challenge to wine-lovers; here's how to meet it

We can never have enough sparkles, and the fine fizz here serves the dual purpose of refreshing and also cleansing one's palate.

Wine, of course, wasn't part of the original Thanksgiving dinner back in 1620. (If the Pilgrims drank anything other than water, it would have been the remains of some beer they had brought over in barrels from England.) In many households around America today, it probably still isn't a significant part of the feast.

13 Wine Experts Choose Perfect Bottles for Your Thanksgiving Table

To us, though, dinner parties call for wine, whether they involve lasagna and green salad, a big pot of bouillabaisse, or, well, roast turkey with all the trimmings. What wine goes best with Thanksgiving dinner? That depends. One favorite of many wine-lovers is pinot noir. Others prefer something rich and white, or intensely Rhône-ish. Some like sparkling wine, and there's even a contingent that reaches for rosé.

We asked some of our regular wine writers, along with sommeliers and other wine-conscious restaurant folk, what their ideal wine for the Thanksgiving table would be.

Sacramento grocer and respected wine authority Darrell Corti, a member of The Daily Meal Council, replied to our request with a scenario suggesting why we turn to him so often for counsel on matters of food and drink: "For some four years now, since there are only four of us at Thanksgiving, we go to dim sum for lunch. But this isn't all. First we meet at my home and have a decently mature bottle of Bollinger RD and foie gras. Then proceed to lunch at a very good dim sum house here in Sacramento. There would be a couple of whites and a red there along with suitable dishes — not just dim sum, but noodles with lobster, roast squab — you get what I mean. Then back home for a nap if required, otherwise just talk. Then mid to late afternoon, mince tarts and other desserts, then a suitably matured vintage port with a couple of savouries and by 6 p.m., my friends are back on their way home, leaving me to read a bit (or pretend to) and so to bed!"


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