These Are the Halloween Candies With the Most Sugar

It’s spooky how much sugar comes in such a tiny package

Find out which sweet treat is the worst offender.

You’ve heard the dentists’ warnings. You understand that neither you nor your kids should be gorging on mountains of candies day after day.

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And yet, trick-or-treating time rolls around and the neighborhood’s kids are so ready. They’ve got pillowcases, jack-o-lanterns, and other oversized vessels by their side, ready to hoard as much sugar as they physically can into their bags. During Halloween it’s all a ton of fun. But afterwards, you’re stuck with buckets and piles of sweet treats that tempt and haunt you for weeks after.

Eating one or two pieces of candy a day won’t really affect your overall health. But indulge in one too many one too many times, and you’re in for some trouble.


The worst part of Halloween candies isn’t even the chocolate — eating chocolate can actually be really good for you. It’s not the fat, either. The part of a piece of Halloween candy without any real nutritional benefit is the added sugar. And these candies, of all the popular Halloween candies you’re likely to collect this year, have the most of it.