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20 Reasons You Should Eat Dark Chocolate Every Day

Dessert could become your healthiest ritual

Not all chocolates were created equal. And while some chocolate candies have more sugar than your body ever wanted you to take, others are a fantastic option for a daily snack. Dark chocolate brands can be low-sugar, rich, and delectably healthy. You just have to know what to look for.

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Some companies have caught on to the healthfulness of chocolate, condensing it into a supplement pill or a superfood powder. But we’re not about that life — we’d rather have our chocolate and eat it, too. A life where you swallow a tasteless chocolate supplement doesn’t sound like a life we want; which is why we’re thrilled the food has so many benefits.

Eating a few squares of dark chocolate in the middle of a long day can feel better than therapy; and it’s not just the taste that’s working the magic.

Though the satisfying taste does play a role, the healthful compounds in dark chocolate can improve many aspects of your mental and physical health. There are more benefits than you’d think to eating the dessert food every single day.

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