You Can Now Buy Bags of Exclusively Pink and Red Starbursts

For those who know that pink and red Starbursts are the best flavors, it’s now possible to buy just those flavors

Never again will you have to find someone among your friends who actually likes the orange Starbursts.

When it comes to Starburst flavors, most people know that the best flavor of all is the pink Starburst — which is supposed to be “strawberry,” but somehow manages to transcend classification.

A quick Google search will show you that you’re not the first person to attempt to identify the mysterious flavor, but it hardly matters. Pink Starbursts are their own flavor, while other Starbursts are meant to imitate fruit profiles like lemon and orange.

For those fans who truly love the candy’s red family of flavors, Starburst has now introduced FaveREDs, which are, as you may have guessed, bags of just those flavors.


“We launched Starburst FaveREDs to give our fans exactly what they were asking for – more reds,” Starburst’s senior brand manager, Eric Weinberger, told Teen Vogue. “Because so many people were talking about these flavors as their favorites on social media, we decided to create a juicy pack of strawberry, fruit-punch, watermelon and cherry flavors.”