What Trendy Food Should You Dress Up As This Halloween?

Trying to figure out what to be for Halloween is never a particularly easy task. You don't want to be the same old witch or pirate like every other person out there, of course. But even trying to be something funny and freaky from pop culture can be instantly overdone. I mean, how many Donald Trumps or Pennywise the Clowns do there need to be at one Halloween party? But if you're looking for a fun and original yet on-trend Halloween costume, we recommend dressing up as one of 2017's trendiest foods.

Think about it. What has caused a weird and unnecessary uproar in 2017 as much as the unicorn frappuccino or avocado toast? Both of those Instagram-worthy dishes would make for fun (and photogenic) Halloween costumes. If you're looking for something a little more off-kilter, you could always be activated charcoal or any number of bastardized pizzas. Remember the Peepza?

If you're still trying to figure out what to be this year, take our quiz below to see what trendy food you should dress up as this Halloween. And after that, click here to see what new food costumes Spirit has for 2017 to make your shopping a breeze.