Poll: Are You Team Candy Corn?

This simple sweet is one of the most polarizing candies out there

There are a lot of divisive foods out there in the world. Some people love cilantro, while others think it tastes like soap. Some folks are wild about black olives, and yet there are some out there who would rather pitch an entire 18-inch pizza rather than pick off those beady black orbs. Yet there is one fall candy that is more polarizing than any other: candy corn.

Candy corn, a sugary sweet blend of sugar, corn syrup, powdered milk, and flavorings, should be a simple snack. It has a light flavor, looks pretty in a bowl, and is pure sugar sweetness. Yet, it has its die-hard fans (and dozens of candy corn products for them to devour) and vicious detractors who can’t even stand the thought of the product.

So we had to wonder: How do The Daily Meal readers feel about candy corn? Are all of your pumpkin-shaped candy bowls filled with this yellow-, orange-, and white-striped confection? Or would you instantly trade away these disturbing morsels the moment they landed in your trick-or-treat bag? Take our poll below and let us know: Are you Team Candy Corn? And then click here to find out 36 things you can do with candy corn.