The New 'Cookies & Screeem' M&M's Have A Freakishly Good Twist

It's still only August, and by all logic it should be way too early for Halloween candy to be on the shelves. But it's impossible to stay mad at candy, especially wild new fusion foods like the new Cookies & Screeem M&M's. They look like what would happen if an M&M and an Oreo cookie had a baby, and they're already available at Target stores.

Famed snack food reviewer and Instagram user Junkbanter posted a bag of the candy and pointed out that the Cookies & Screeem M&M's have white chocolate centers and dark chocolate coatings. The shells are black with white speckles. It's not clear if the candy contains any actual cookie bits, though.

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As Junkbanter points out, M&M's has tried the layered-chocolate concept before. Previously, M&M's released a limited-edition Easter Sundae M&M that had a white chocolate center coated in milk chocolate, with a pastel shell. And next year, M&M's will be coming out with a limited-edition Triple Chocolate M&M for Valentine's Day. That one has a milk chocolate core surrounded by layers of white and dark chocolate.

Like most of the limited-edition M&M varieties, the Cookies & Screeem M&Ms can only be found at one store. They're available at Target now, and they'll probably stick around until Halloween. That gives everybody a little over two months to try them and stock up.

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