How Much Candy Should You Really Allow Your Kids Per Day?

A visual guide to how much is too much of your kids’ favorite candies

Don't let the sugar crash take the fun out of your kids' Halloween.

So you let your kid go trick or treating. It’s a part of childhood — the dressing up, frolicking around the neighborhood, giggling over their newly acquired stash… But leave your kid alone with the bag for five minutes and you know they will have devoured more candy than their bodies bargained for.

How Much Candy Should You Really Allow Your Kids Per Day? Gallery

While the famous candy-induced sugar high is more fiction than fact, an excess of sugar and sweets can take its toll on your loved ones’ health. This isn’t a trick — those treats should be limited. According to recommendations from the World Health Organization, “free sugars” (sugars from processed or refined foods) should be capped at five percent of your total daily caloric intake.

That’s a lot of numbers to figure out, so we did the math for you: For a moderately active 10-year-old, the limit is 23 grams of added sugar per day.


23 grams of candy translates to a meager sum of wrapped goods. Most of the items stuffed in your child’s pillowcase have far more sugar than you thought. We tallied up the numbers for some of America’s most popular Halloween candies, and found how many of each candy your kid should really be allowed per day.