Chris Christie Explains Why He Needed To Pour A Bag Of M&M's Into A Bigger Box Of M&M's

A captivating photo of Chris Christie — the New Jersey governor and former GOP presidential candidate — pouring a bag of M&M's into a larger box of M&M's during a basketball game went viral this week on Twitter, giving way to a deluge of feelings.

Ben Cowlishaw ‏@btcowlishaw  Mar 26

Chris Christie pouring a small bag of M&M's into a larger bag of M&M's is my favorite picture of this election.

UGA Football Live ‏@UGAfootballLive  Mar 25

Chris Christie pouring a bag of M&M's into a bigger bag of M&M's is pure genius. What a time to be alive.

Ted Shuttlesworth Jr ‏@tshuttlesworth  Feb 6

Little-known #GOPDebate fact: Chris Christie's suit pockets are jammed with sweaty M&M's.

Some of the American public was supportive and some of it was critical, but no matter how people felt, it was difficult to miss the candid image.

On Thursday, March 31, Christie appeared on the sports radio show "Boomer and Carton" to address the widely-shared candy strategy.

Contrary to what the image might have suggested, Christie wasn't actually combining his M&M's supply. "There's a bag inside the box, you dope!" Christie told hosts Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason.

"Why would you go bag to box?" Christie was then asked. "Just eat 'em out of the bag!"

The governor was ready with an answer. "You know why? Because it's easier to hold the box than to hold the bag."

Christie declined to pass judgement on why Mars packages its M&M's in such a specific way.

 "I run New Jersey, not M&M-Mars," Christie said.