rich foods

These 15 ‘Rich’ Foods Are Actually Good for Your Cholesterol Count

Chocolate, pasta, and even baked goods made this deliciously healthy list
rich foods

HIgh-carb, creamy, and somehow good for your cholesterol count.

Contrary to popular belief, a low-cholesterol diet can consist of more than grilled chicken and plain brown rice. This could be big news for the flavor of your future dinners.

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Somewhere along the line, people got stressed out about the fat and salt content of their foods. Yes, a ton of sodium is bad news for your blood pressure. Yes, a ton of trans fat is going to do some damage. But a little healthy fat and some flavor never killed anyone — and could actually do a whole lot of good.

Eating a diet too low in fats and deficient in sodium is associated with a whole slew of negative health outcomes. If, in pursuit of low cholesterol, you eradicate those nutrients from your diet, you’re bound to have a whole lot more to worry about than your cholesterol as a result.


There are lots of rich, indulgent feeling foods that could actually help your cholesterol count, not hurt it. Some of them are fatty, some of them are salty, and others are just plain delicious. But surprisingly, all of them could improve your cholesterol overall.