The Complete Guide to Dark Chocolate — The Kind That’s Good for You

We’ll tell you how to select the healthiest type of chocolate and why it’s good for you
dark chocolate

Photo Modified: Flickr / Andrea Goh / CC BY 4.0

Healthy dark chocolate will have a cocoa percentage of 70 or higher, but any more than 85 may prove to be too bitter for consumption.

Hippity hoppity, hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way, and hopping right on alongside the arrival of Easter is a seemingly boundless army of sweets and candies wielding sugary weapons of the unhealthiest caliber. One Easter candy that needn’t be as unhealthy as it tends to be is chocolate. There’s chocolate out there that’s good for you, and we want to tell you all about it.

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This slideshow will teach you about how to consume chocolate healthily, the difference between the various types of chocolate (we want you to eat the healthiest dark chocolate, OK?), and the health benefits of the kind of chocolate that’s good for you. We basically just said this, but a certain type of dark chocolate is the kind of chocolate that proves most beneficial toward one’s health.

We’d like for you to think of dark chocolate in the same way you’d think of plant-based drinks like wine and tea. Too much wine is obviously bad, but having one glass of it can be as healthy as an hour in the gym. Similarly, teas like green tea can be healthy, but most (if not all) teas have a diuretic effect which seems healthy until you're on your eighth trip to the lavatory during your second hour of work.

Like wine and tea, then, dark chocolate is best consumed in moderation. The healthiest dark chocolate is the kind with the highest percentage of cacao beans in its ingredients list. Cacao beans are chocolate in its most raw form, and cocoa powder is made from cacao beans. The higher the cocoa concentration the more bitter the chocolate will be, meaning that a little will go a long way. While we will list some statistics for 100 grams of dark chocolate, keep in mind that a one-inch square portion is a healthy size.


Don’t let the Easter bunny completely derail your diet. Use this guide to inform your chocolate choices this Easter (and any other time you’re face to face with a chocolate bar).