16 Muffin Recipes Perfect for Breakfast On-the-Go

Keep reading to find out which recipes made it into this week’s SWAT

Try these Morning Glory Muffins from Oat and Sesame blog.

During the week, eating breakfast isn’t always an option when you need to get out the door in the morning. People usually grab a granola bar or a cup of coffee and that’s their morning meal. Instead of going for a sugar-filled granola bar, make a batch of muffins over the weekend and have breakfast every day of the week. There are so many muffin variations that there’s something for everyone. You can add seasonal fruit to your muffins, make a decadent muffin that tastes like brownies, or you can make a croissant-muffin hybrid.

Muffins are a simple and delicious breakfast option, which is the reason why they are the theme of this week’s SWAT (Sharing With A Theme).

Here are this week’s highlights:

Chocolate Brownie Muffins

These chocolate muffins are so indulgent and delicious. Carrie of Poet in the Pantry blog made decadent chocolate muffins filled with pecans and cherry-flavored chips — now that’s something to look forward to in the morning.

Grain-Free Coffee Cake Muffins

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These grain-free coffee cake muffins make a decadent grab-and-go breakfast. Becky of A Calculated Whisk blog completes her morning muffins with a cinnamon swirl inside and streusel topping.

Morning Glory Muffins


This is a kitchen sink type of muffin. Mix all the good-for-you ingredients that you most likely already have stocked in your kitchen and go to work. Emily of Oat and Sesame blog adds apples, pineapples, walnuts, and coconut to her muffin recipe to make a hearty and glorious morning muffin, which is the reason why she’s the winner of this weeks SWAT.