Beyond Guacamole: 15 Festive Avocado Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

If there's one food that's 100 percent necessary at any Cinco de Mayo party, it's guacamole. Creamy, refreshing, and endlessly customizable, guacamole is a staple for a reason. And, of course, part of that reason is the avocado.

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Native to South Central Mexico, the avocado has become a wildly popular ingredient and is used in dozens of dishes for every meal and snack thanks to its creamy texture, subtly delicious flavor, and versatile culinary uses. It's a tried and true Mexican ingredient.

If you want to highlight this favorite regional fruit at your Cinco de Mayo fiesta but aren't a fan of guacamole or just want to get more creative, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

Thankfully, we've rounded up 15 delicious party-worthy avocado recipes that don't necessary require you to mash the fruit to tiny bits. From salty, handheld appetizers like avocado and bacon pita chips to creamy, irresistible avocado soup shooters to even a fudge dessert and a cocktail, these recipes will help to diversify your Cinco de Mayo menu without foregoing the insatiable avocado.