20 Reasons To Eat An Avocado Every Day

It's time to stop living by "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" — and swap that fruit for a much more versatile one. We're advocating for avocados: the healthy fat phenomenon that's swept the food scene with its softening, malleable shell and its creamy, soft interior (and a pit that's actually healthier than the rest of the fruit).

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Whether you're spreading it on sourdough, whipping up a mean dip for chips, or just munching on one raw, eating an avocado is a great idea. They're loaded with nutrition and health benefits that make us all too grateful they're so delicious.

Many people enjoy slicing them in half and eating a portion with a meal. To make them tastier, you can always sprinkle them with salt, pepper, and other spices. Trader Joe's makes an Everything Bagel Seasoning (along with so many other innovative products) that just so happens to pair phenomenally with the fruit.

No matter how you do it, try to get those avocados in somehow. The list of health benefits you reap as a result just keeps getting longer.