How Many Calories Are in Your Summer Cookout Favorites?

How Many Calories Are in Your Summer Cookout Favorites?

Hit the pool, hit the deck, and hit the grill, but maybe don’t hit the coleslaw

‘Tis the season to be grilling — and we know you’re going to be spending at least a dozen nights this summer outside by the flames. Between the beer, the music, and the warm summer heat, cookouts are a guarantee for a good time.

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Grills have been bringing families, coworkers, and old friends together for centuries with their ability to char veggies, pineapple, and skirt steak just perfectly (with minimal cooking expertise required). But along with all of that, they’ve been bringing some serious food indulgence to your summers, maybe without you even knowing it.

At a cookout, the decadent dishes are set up buffet-style, and they seem to be everywhere. A cherry pie is sitting on the deck, steaks are being served hot off the flames, fresh-cut salads are waiting on the picnic table… It can be tough to visualize just how much you’re really eating at these otherwise wholesome gatherings.

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Don’t get too caught up in trying to calculate the numbers — we’ve done that work for you. Instead of entering your next cookout blind, discover which cookout favorites are hiding the extra calories nestling in your waistline, before you’ve already eaten them.