The Ultimate List of All the Best Pies, Ever

You can have a pie for every meal

Make a PIcturesque pie this March 14.

While we here at The Daily Meal love cookies, cakes, brownies, and ice cream, there’s no denying which dessert reigns supreme in our hearts: the pie. From classic berry pies to silken pumpkin pies to the meaty shepherd’s pie, this dish can really do no wrong.

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March 14 — 3.14, get it?! — marks Pi Day, a celebration of the mathematical constant. But, the culinary world and dessert fans have commandeered the day to celebrate Pi’s homonym, the pie. Every March 14, ovens across the world are fired up as home cooks and professional bakers serve up some hot (or cold) slices of perfection.

To honor the beautiful pie, we’ve gathered together 30 of our favorite pie recipes. From creamy chocolate and coconut pies to classics like blueberry and apple pies, there’s something here to satisfy every sweet tooth. But, pies aren’t limited to dessert. We’ve included a few savory pies like a perfect chicken pot pie and a quiche in our roundup so you can have pie for every meal this Pi Day.