9 Grilled Chicken Salads That Will Make Healthy Eating Easier

Because healthy doesn’t have to be boring


There are lots of flavorful and healthy ingredients that you can add to basic grilled chicken salad.

If the diet-focused resolutions you made at the beginning of this year are still going strong, then pat yourself on the back — you have more willpower than most people. By this point in the summer, many of us can’t bear the sight of another leafy green salad, and we need some extra motivation to stick to our healthy-eating plans.

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Grilled chicken breast is a great source of lean protein and colorful vegetables (especially leafy, dark green varieties), providing our bodies with a spectrum of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, but grilled chicken salad can become monotonous. Let your healthy eating routine become boring and guess what? You’re not going to stick to it.

That’s why we’ve rounded up nine great recipes for grilled chicken salad. Each one is packed with the nutrition you need for a healthy and active lifestyle and the flavor that the gastronomic part you craves. These easy-to-make salads are the perfect meal any day of the week. So, if you need some extra motivation to eat healthy, read on.

Avocado Chicken Apple Salad

Avocados From Mexico

Avocado is full of good-for-you fat that helps you feel fuller longer — and its creamy texture is the perfect complement to the crunchy toasted pecans and crisp red apple in this recipe.

Chicken and Bacon Salad


The key to adding salty and super savory bacon to your grilled chicken salad? Moderation. Cook one thinly sliced strip of bacon in a pan until it’s crisp and then drain it on a paper towel to remove any excess fat. When it cools, crumble it over your greens and grilled chicken — you’ll add tons of flavor to your salad for just over 40 calories — and then top the salad with a few shavings of Parmigiano-Reggiano and a vinaigrette-based dressing.


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