Health Stats You Never Knew You Could Track on Your Phone

Your smartphone knows your body better than you do

You can track medications, heart rate, and so much more.

It’s honestly creepy how much your cell phone knows about you. It can listen to your conversations, remember your browser history, and report your location dating back months. Of course, there are some drawbacks to all this stored information. It’s eerie to think that your phone can know you so insanely well, but if you know how to use your smartphone’s tools right, there are some benefits to be gained from this somewhat unnerving database.

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We don’t advise that you track all of these health stats. The reality is that if you’re a healthy, active human, your body already has natural mechanisms in place to track most of these items on its own. There are signs to look out for in the way you feel and the foods you crave that give insight into your health and dietary needs.

It’s also far too easy to become obsessive and start to micromanage these statistics. If you track your nutrients, for example, it can be tempting to try to track them every day to achieve dietary “perfection.” However, there is no perfect diet — and a diet where every day looks exactly the same isn’t healthy at all! It would take a toll on your mental health, as well.


While closely monitoring these health statistics is not advised, it could be helpful to track them now and again to gain helpful information about your habits and how they correlate with your health. Here are some statistics we bet you didn’t even know you could track with your smartphone.