Listen to Your Body: Why You Feel This Way After Eating These 7 Things

Ice cream may no longer be your best friend

Gluten does not have a negative effect on everyone.

To put things simply, everybody is different. Some people find exercise to be rewarding and worth the extra time, while others look at it as a chore added on the everyday “to-do” list. Bodies react to certain activities, including eating, differently. This could explain why every grocery store items and restaurant dishes are labeled “dairy-free,” “gluten-free,” “vegan,” or “vegetarian.”

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Although choosing to eat or not eat certain foods can be a preference, a lot of the times people have to avoid certain foods because his or her body rejects it. Whether it be fatigue, gas, bloating, headaches, or mood changes, eating foods that are not processed well in the body can jeopardize your health and well-being. If you do not notice any patterns right away but experience health problems, your best bet is to create a food log and then consult with your doctor. A lot of common health problems are food related and can only be solved by eliminating those foods or replacing the foods with nutritious alternatives.