20 Tips to Navigating the Office Fridge

The office kitchen can beneficial to your healthy eating lifestyle
Tips to Navigating the Office Fridge

Brian Sheehan previews our list of tips to navigating the office fridge that will make clutter and unclaimed food a thing of the past.



Don't steal from the fridge! Thieving coworkers' lunches is a deadly office kitchen sin.

The improper use (some call it abuse) of an office kitchen is one of the deadliest office-space sins. When things go missing or are left behind for months in the refrigerator, things can often get quite passive-aggressive. Don’t become the office kitchen dunce — follow these guidelines to keep yourself and coworkers alike happy and healthy at work.

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A wise human once said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” We’d like to add one wrinkle of complication to this and say, “If you have no manners, please refrain from using the office refrigerator.”

At the end of the day, the mishaps and disappearances that can often occur in an office kitchen stem from a few things. Laziness, a lack of awareness, and a general sense of obliviousness come to mind. The last time we checked, food containers don’t have legs. You shouldn’t need to fear whether your tasty office lunch has been tampered with or stolen.

If you’re making the effort to bring your lunch to work, then consider the following list your official in-office eating edict. These tips she light on how to keep your office’s refrigerator and overall kitchen area running as efficiently as possible, and you’ll even see some ways to keep your desk lunch healthy as well. Click ahead to see 20 Tips to Navigating the Office Fridge.