Ways Cholula Can Uncap Real Flavor Of Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl season is upon us and that means it's time to party. Some lucky fan, our money is on you, will be in charge of hosting the day's festivities and that means it's time to talk food.

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Food fans have come to expect a lot from a Super Bowl party. Not only is it a celebration of the greatest teams in the league, but also a nod to your favorite game day snacks. You've eaten more nachos, burgers, and chicken wings than you can count, but that doesn't mean you aren't ready for more. The ultimate game day party, though, should also serve as an outlet for the ultimate game day feast.

Uncap Real Flavor™ of your favorite Super Bowl foods by spicing things up with Cholula® Hot Sauce. By using the ripest local ingredients and a creative blend of authentic spices, Cholula Original can elevate any recipe to new levels.

Take your average chicken wing. It's a prerequisite to eat wings while watching football. After months of eating mediocre ones, it's time to gift your guests with the ultimate finger-licking wing experience.

Cholula Green Pepper brings the heat that these Green Pepper Wings will need while adding a unique flavor since it is made with both jalapeño and poblano peppers. All you need to do is roast your salt- and pepper-seasoned wings for 40 minutes and then douse them with a helping of garlic butter and Cholula Green Pepper sauce.

If you really want to wow guests, think outside the box and serve up Cholula Mucho Mussels — steamed mussels infused with a broth of white wine, Cholula Chili Garlic, butter, and cilantro. It's an easy-to-make dish that impresses instantly.

Burgers are another awesome Super Bowl party menu idea — especially when they are seasoned with Cholula Original. Simply mix it in with your ground beef seasonings and grill to perfection. Create a toppings bar with pickles, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce so your guests can design their own Cholula Boom Burger.

Ready to impress on this Super Bowl Sunday? Here are the recipes you need to get it done.

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