9 Healthy Ways to Sweeten Your Coffee

If you can’t stand coffee without a sweetener but are watching your health, we may be able to help you

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Your morning cup of joe just got even sweeter.

Recent studies show that coffee has numerous health benefits, for the cardiovascular system among other things…that is, if you drink it black. If you’re tossing in cream and sugar, you’re also tossing in unwanted calories and fat.

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When coffee is part of your morning ritual, it’s easy to forget that turning it into a sweetened drink is negatively impacting your diet. You don’t even think about it when you toss in a few packets of sugar and heavy cream. Unfortunately, with all of the extra ingredients you add, you are not only losing the flavor of the coffee, but you’re also turning it from a healthy drink into one that isn't doing you any favors. 

Luckily, there are more natural sweeteners than cream (which does have a sweetening effect) and sugar that will bring out the flavors of the coffee beans and still make your drink a bit sweeter. Some of the natural sweeteners even have health benefits, so you can really enjoy your energy-boosting drink.




Agave syrup is a natural way to sweeten your coffee.

Agave may be high in fructose and have more calories than table sugar, but it is low on the glycemic index, making it a better option than sugar. The best part is that it is sweeter than sugar, so you will essentially be consuming the same calories you would from regular sugar by using less.

Almond Milk

almond milk

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Almond milk is the a dairy-free alternative to coffee creamer.

Whether or not you are a fan of dairy-free alternatives, almond milk is higher in calcium than regular milk and the unsweetened kind has only 30 calories per cup. You can also try adding coconut milk or cashew milk for a rich and nutty taste.