Lawsuit Claims Peet's Coffee Is Ripping Off Customers By Shortchanging French Press Servings

The small nationwide coffee chain, Peet's Coffee is in hot water following a lawsuit that claims the beanery is ripping customers off by shortchanging their French press servings.An angry customer from Chicago filed the lawsuit, saying that although the press pots are advertised as 12 or 32 ounces, customers usually get at least 25 percent less. The customer claims he bought both sizes at a Peet's in Winnetka, Illinois, and both times his coffee order came up short.

"Our understanding is that this lawsuit pertains to our press pot offerings. These offerings represent 1/10 of 1 percent of our café sales" a Peet's representative said in a statement. "There is no complaint regarding 99.9% of our business. We are committed to full transparency and integrity with our customers and to industry best standards for our product labeling and in-store signage. We are taking the matter seriously and looking into it in more depth however, we can't comment further at this time given the now active litigation."

The spokesperson also said that the posted ounces refer to the size of the physical pots, which may differ from the amount of coffee that pours out in the end product.