5 Foods That Might Be Going Extinct Due to Climate Change

Eat these while you can…
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Each pound of avocadoes takes 72 gallons of water to grow.

Due to climate change, lots of the foods that we know and love are facing a perilous future. Here are five foods that you may not be able to enjoy for much longer.

The vast majority of the world’s chocolate is grown in West Africa, where extreme temperatures are making it increasingly difficult to harvest the crop.

Due to climate change, pollution, and a mysterious disease that’s killing off honeybees by the millions, the supply of honey is threatened worldwide.

Wine Grapes
Warmer, drier weather may be good for vineyards for a little while (the harder the vines have to work, the better-tasting the wine is), but as the climate continues to warm and droughts get worse (especially in California), crops may be completely decimated.

More than 80 percent of America’s avocadoes come from California, and each pound of avocadoes takes 72 gallons of water to grow. That’s a lot of water, and in drought-starved California we may see the supply dwindle sharply.


The peanut plant isn’t especially hardy; it requires very specific growing conditions with the right temperature and moisture level to thrive. When temperatures increase and the moisture level decreases (as has been happening in many peanut-growing regions), peanuts just won’t grow.