You Won’t Believe Which Stunning Celebrities Are Total Fast-Food Addicts

Which celebrities are happy to break their diet for a Big Mac?

Being a model doesn't stop Heidi Klum from treating herself to a burger when the craving strikes.

It’s easy to assume that the life of a celebrity involves endless dieting, workouts, and calorie counting. However, it seems that your favorite stars aren’t strangers to a sneaky trip to McDonald’s, In-N-Out, and Taco Bell. From all the paparazzi snaps we’ve seen of the rich and famous ordering a burger and fries, it seems that a fast food chain may be a better place to spot your favorite celebrities than any extravagant L.A. restaurant.

You Won’t Believe Which Stunning Celebrities Are Total Fast-Food Addicts (Slideshow)

Feasting on burgers and fries isn’t something we tend to think of as typical celebrity behavior. But apparently it doesn’t matter how much money you have: Sometimes, nothing else can satisfy that powerful fast food craving. Celebrities ranging from the entire Kardashian family, to model Jourdan Dunn, have all been spied clutching fast food-filled paper bags and happily biting into a salty, greasy burger: And they’re not ashamed to admit it.


Cara Delevingne has been known to order in pizza to feast on backstage, before stepping out in minimal clothing on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, while Emma Roberts has been spotted eating a burger when she’s all dressed up and about to walk down the red carpet. Perhaps we can conclude that these stunning celebrities aren’t so different from us after all. However, they just have the fortune of having a personal trainer to help them work off all those excess calories the next day, a luxury the rest of us aren’t always able to access. We are happy to know, however, that treating ourselves to fried chicken every once in a while isn’t what’s stopping us from having that enviable slim, toned, model-worthy figure.