15 Celebrities' Fast-Food Favorites

Today's fascination with celebrities combined with the accessibility of social media means that now, more than ever, being famous is to live life under scrutiny. Every tweet, Facebook post, Instagram picture, and Pinterest board is seen, stalked, and reported on. Of course, that reach extends to food. Just like us, celebrities have their favorite foods and restaurants, but when Kim Kardashian Instagrams her In-N-Out pregnancy craving, people actually care.

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Despite their rockin' hot bodies and constant scrutiny from the public, sometimes, celebrities need to binge on junk food, too. Nothing makes our mouth water faster than seeing a juicy fast-food burger being scarfed down by a hot celebrity — especially when that fast-food burger is from a chain we hold dear to our hearts.

Some celebrities have influenced food in substantial ways, by opening restaurants, having dishes and cocktails named after them, and even appearing on our beloved cooking shows.  While we of course can't get enough of the sneaky paparazzi photos that catch our favorite celebs on a hot date, sometimes it is equally satisfying seeing them as average drive-thru customers. Whether it's Selena Gomez's Jack in the Box 21st birthday "taco cake," Jenny McCarthy's sensual salad sponsorship, or Jessie J's Shake Shack singing Vine, celebrities are constantly making fast food restaurants the talk of the town just by simply "checking in." 

So, to combine two highly popular guilty pleasures — celebrities and fast food — we gathered a list of our favorite celebrities spotted with our favorite not-so-glamorous (but oh so delicious) chain treats.

This article was originally published August 07, 2013.