Kim and Kanye’s Diets, Indulgences, and Recipes

What a day on the plate of this celebrity couple really looks like
Kim and Kanye


What really goes on inside this celebrity couple's kitchen?

Yesterday, Kim and Kanye celebrated their second wedding anniversary. They were in Rome for their special day, and we assume they treated themselves to their absolute favorite indulgence: gelato. This couple literally spends their lives in the public eye, so it’s no surprise that, when not eating ice cream, their diet is balanced, healthy, and at times, extreme. We would expect nothing less from these self-obsessed stars.

Kim and Kanye’s Diets, Indulgences, and Recipes (Slideshow)

Kim says that secret to their successful, happy marriage, is to treat Kanye like every day is his birthday. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to mean that he gets cake every day. In fact, he rarely ever sees a slice of cake at all. This couple’s day begins with a workout, is followed by a protein shake or a smoothie, and from there on the day’s diet is all steamed vegetables, lean meat, and fish. Hopefully Kim’s endless doting on her husband makes up for the lack of cake in this life of birthdays he is supposedly living through.

Recently, Kim and Kanye have really embraced a healthy, clean-eating lifestyle. While they do still indulge in fast food and Krispy Kremes every so often, the focus is on being, in their own words, “as pure as possible.” This has led to them hiring a personal chef and a nutritionist. Their diet is therefore constantly changing, and their private chef has taken over the kitchen to make sure no unhealthy, non-diet-friendly foods sneak their way into this couple’s meals. It’s no surprise Kim managed to lose the 60 pounds she gained during her recent pregnancy so rapidly with all this constant attention on and assistance with her diet.

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