Beyoncé Poured a Bottle of Crazy-Expensive Champagne Into a Hot Tub and People Are Freaking Out

In the new Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé music video, Queen B pours out a bottle of Champagne that fetches thousands

It probably helps that her husband is the owner of the company that produces said expensive Champagne.

New goal: Make so much money that pouring out a bottle of Champagne (that could be worth thousands) into a hot tub is a super casual occurrence. Beyoncé is making headlines — and not in a good way — after shocking audiences with her new music video for “Feeling Myself,” which features fellow pop diva Nicki Minaj. During the video, Queen B is seen pouring a bottle of Champagne into a hot tub, and not just any champagne: people have identified the discarded bottle of bubbly as none other than the iconic Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades), a popular luxury brand of Champagne that can fetch as much as $200,000 retail.

Make no mistake, Bey Hive: your queen is undoubtedly one of the 1 percent. Fans expressed their shock, awe, and slight disgust over the pop idol’s alcohol wastefulness.

But hold up: The Champagne brand featured in the video is owned by Mr. Hova himself, Jay-Z. So if anything, Ms. Beyoncé is wasting her husband’s cash. In addition, the bottle of Champagne in question was likely just the $300 version: the more expensive bottles are larger and harder to come by. The brand’s infamous $200,000 bottle is actually a rosé “Nebuchadnezzer” that contains 30 liters of wine. 


Plus, as we see it, Nicki and Bey could have drank the bottle themselves and poured water into the Champagne bottle for the photo shoot. Waste not, want not, especially when it comes to luxury alcohol.