Weirdest American Traditions

25 American Traditions We Don't Know Are Weird

We may find these practices commonplace, but other countries think they’re totally bizarre

There’s no denying that life in the United States is like nowhere else on the planet. Ask almost any American, and they’ll tell you that because despite our country’s flaws, it’s still the best place on Earth. Why? Well, because it just is! That deep love of country and patriotism is just one American tradition that we citizens of the U.S. of A may not know is weird. But it’s far from the only thing we do that’s a little odd to people from other parts of the world.

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Beyond patriotism, there are everyday practices and traditions that are uniquely American. For instance, the restaurant experience in our country is highly unique. The moment you sit down, you’re given a glass of ice water, you get unlimited refills on your coffee, soft drink, or tea, maybe you order some pumpkin pie, and when you finish your meal you tip your server and get a doggie bag full of leftovers to go. But that experience is unheard of outside of America.

Of course, our unique traditions go far beyond how we eat and drink. Not sure which all-American things are bizarre to other countries and cultures? Get ready to have your mind blown!