Day Drinking

Day Drinking Is Way Better Than Night Drinking

A good happy hour isn’t the only reason to drink while the sun’s still out
Day Drinking

Look how happy these people are from drinking during the day!

Everyone loves bar hopping, meeting up with friends, and having a fun day filled with alcohol and good company. But have you ever considered the time that you hit the streets and start throwing back booze? It seems only natural you’d go at night, right? Wrong! Drinking in the day is so much better than doing the exact same activities in the night hours.

Typically, bars are less busy during the daytime. So instead of shouting to talk to your friends over the riotous noise of other patrons and bumping music, you’ll actually be able to have real conversations at real levels. Plus, a non-bustling bar means you can chat with your bartender. You can learn about the beers on tap and the cocktails they like to make best and, who knows, maybe you’ll get a free shot or two out of it!

Drinking during the day also helps to avoid two of the worst parts of consuming alcohol: drunken second dinner and the hangover.

Drunken second dinner is something everyone with. You’ve had, well, a few adult beverages and you absolutely need a burrito or a burger (or a burgrito!). But eating that oh-so-satisfying fourth meal means you’re packing hundreds (if not thousands) or extra calories on to your day, which can lead to easy weight gain. But, if those drunk food cravings hit you after a day of drinking, they’ll arrive at actual dinner time. And that burgrito at 7 p.m. will be just as satisfying as it is at 3 in the morning.

Then, there’s the much-dreaded hangover. I’m not sure about the science behind avoiding a hangover, but anecdotally, I can tell you if your drunken state peaks in the evening hours and you still manage to hit the pillow at your normal bedtime, you’ll wake up in the morning feeling a-OK.

So, really, stay inside at night. Go out and try day drinking. You’ll have nice weather, less-crowded bars, and you’ll avoid plenty of aches and pains the next day. If you’re looking for the best place to get day drunk, consider one of our 101 best bars in the world.