Halloween candy

A Pillowcase Is the Only Way to Carry Your Halloween Candy

Seriously. Who would even doubt this?
Halloween candy

Trick or treat! You can carry way more candy in a pillowcase.

We all know that the best thing about Halloween is not haunted houses or even dressing up in spooky or sexy costumes. It’s all about that sweet, sweet free candy. You ring a bell or knock on a door, say a few words (“trick or treat,” to be exact), and then strangers give you M&Ms, Twix bars, Twizzlers and Starburst. Seriously, nothing can be better than that. And in the midst of trick-or-treating frenzy, you need to be able to get as much candy as possible in as little time as possible. And that’s why a pillowcase is the one and only way to carry your Halloween candy.

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The sheer volume of candy one can carry in a pillowcase is the beginning and end of this trick-or-treating debate. Plastic pumpkins, fuzzy kitten-shaped baskets or monster hands with little bags attached are cute and festive, but when it comes to actually knocking on doors and collecting candy, they’re 100 percent useless.

“But Carolyn!!” you say. “My Mickey Mouse trick-or-treat bucket is so cute and is the perfect pairing to my Minnie Mouse costume!” To that I say: “Phooey!”

The magic of the pillowcase is that it can literally come in any design or color you dream of. Are you a minion? Get yourself a banana yellow pillowcase. Are you a unicorn? Go to Target and buy yourself a rainbow pillowcase. Are you Harry Potter? Get a Gryffindor pillowcase to go along with your circle-shaped classes and lightning bolt scar. You can have all the theming you ever dreamed of and get massive amounts of candy in, like, three hours. See? It’s a win-win situation.

So ditch the plastic pumpkin this Halloween and reach into your linen closet for a pillowcase. It’s the only way to make sure you get a true bounty of the most popular Halloween candies.